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In a cabin on February 20,1905 a Male child was born in the Land of Blue Smoke, who would grace this earth with wisdom and great love. The child grew , met a young girl, both of them still yet children, but each knew that someday, they would wed.

On November 10,1923 they started a journey that would last fifty-eight years. The man and wife bore out of their great love three children, the first a son, who was born just two days before his father's twentieth birthday, another son two years later, and a daughter two years after the second son.

Times were hard, the man and his wife, saw the great depression, but both worked side by side each day , he also worked odd jobs and she tended the home and family with great care.

In 1935, he reached out in faith and bought the old homeplace, he did not know how he would manage, but he knew that Creator would help him, through the long years he was able to add acreage to the original land he had acquired. Always looking to the beloved Mountains of his people as a strength that dwelled deep within his heart. He saw his children grow to adults, prosper and remain honorable.

In 1950, the first grandchild was born, a girl, then in 1957 and 1958 two grandsons would bless their lives, he would walk his beloved mountains, with his grandchildren and speak to them of all the old things his grandmother had told him of his people. He taught them many lessons in life, to honor Earth, to show forth kindness to those who were in need, to work, to live honorably and to be proud of who they were, To always hold dear to their hearts the land of his people...

In May 1981, he, the man of great love and wisdom, started his walk upon the Spirit Trail and Creator welcomed this wonderful man home, the hearts of his family grieved, but he left a great legacy of love , a love that few people have ever known and we Thank him for that.

His legacy continues...In March 1999, among his beloved mountains, his people, the Tsalagi, met and held their first stomp as a nation, he smiled on us this I know, as did our other ancestors. At last those who were present in body or spirit could be Tsalagi, a heritage he was denied. His legacy of love was fulfilled and the Circle complete.

I will leave you with words he spoke to his grandchildren, all their lives.. "Walk, head held high, not in vain, but because you are Tsalagi, an honorable people"

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