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Games of the Cherokee

The Cherokee loved games and had several they had fun with. They used games to settle arguments or for gambling.

Anetsa also known to day as LaCrosse. This was a very rough and sometimes bloody game. It was played until no one was left standing even if it took all night. The ball was made from deer hide and was very hard. The tennis type rackets were made of hickory. Very few rules applied. Biting,gouging,scratching,hitting were all allowed. Each time a man was carried off the field his opponent must drop out also. No time limit was set.

Tsung-ay'unvi was played with a disk of granite or quartz about 6" in diameter. The stone was rolled across a smooth,prepared court, while two players carried 8-10' long poles. One of them would roll the stone. Both players ran after it throwing the poles where they expected the stone to stop. The one nearest the stone got the point. This game helped prepare the young men for throwing spears. High stakes were often gambled on the outcome.

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