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Didahnedi Gakanehoi Awards
Award Criteria
  1. The site must be personal.

  2. No adult or Porn sites need apply! Your site MUST be family friendly.

  3. It must have excellent content, grammer and design.

  4. All links must work.

  5. Good graphics are a must.

  6. You MUST sign my guestbook.

  7. You must have more than just a page of links.

  8. I read all content on the sites that are submitted, I take my time, so it make take a few days/weeks before I make a decision.

  9. Last I must like your page, this is my award, so therefore mine to give.

If you win an award, a copy of it will be sent to you via e-mail along with your notification that your web site has been chosen to receive the award.The Native American Award with the blue background, will only be awarded to Native American web sites. All I ask is that when you post the award on your page, you link it back to "Didahnedi Gakanehoi Tsalagi Home",


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